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Mercedes had fallen half fainting, when released from the warm and affectionate embrace of old Dantes.

His hatred, like a powerless though furious wave, was broken against the strong ascendancy which Mercedes exercised over him.

March Walvis stirred restlessly inside the rear of the stretch Mercedes which was speeding along the autobahn carrying them to the castle in the mountains whose jagged peaks loomed ahead.

Since the total outlay was 135 percent, Calvin remedied the situation by letting the Mercedes be repossessed and buying a secondhand gearless Schwinn bicycle which he rode back and forth to work.

Mercedes and Ralph play happy-sad klezmer music on piano and clarinet while Mr.

With their armored car in the lead, then the two Mercedes, and finally DeWitt and Kos bringing up the rear in the second armored car, the SEALs started down the road into the cold Lebanese night.

The Mercedes was screaming through the streets of Baalbek, and Kos Kosciuszko was laid out across the back seat.

Razor picked up DeWitt while Murdock threw Kos Kosciuszko into the undamaged Mercedes.

Then Kos Kosciuszko, with the machine gun and close to seven hundred rounds linked, all that had been left in the Mercedes.

He wondered if that was random or whether the Meridien hotel chain had a policy: Germans get Mercedes, Americans get Citroens.

Nev drove the Mercedes over while one of the other men brought an extra horse for Nev to ride.

Mercedes, break the window and retrieve the keys, and get Danny and Elena out of the apartment on Via Nicolo V.

The second sustained volley took out both Gall and the gas tank of the truck in which he stood, and as men scattered in all directions the Mercedes jumped forward, bounding like a stallion over the chewed-up pavement to screech to a stop a few feet from the boulder where Saltwood and Rebbe Leibnitz still crouched.

It had begun prosaically enough, recapping the actual event-seeing the blue Mercedes parked in front of the house, feeling the same spurt of panic .

Sylvie pulled off her rings and earrings, stepped out of her gilded shoes, and closed the trunk, uncaring that she had just locked half a million dollars in jewelry alone in a highly stealable Mercedes.