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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Merce \Merce\, v. t. [See Amerce.] To subject to fine or amercement; to mulct; to amerce. [Obs.]


vb. (context obsolete English) To subject to fine or amercement; to mulct; to amerce.


Merče ( or ; ) is a village in the Municipality of Sežana in the Littoral region of Slovenia.

The local church is dedicated to Saint Andrew and belongs to the Parish of Povir.

Usage examples of "merce".

They rode up to the lavished temple, and Mitsos dismount, then steadied the horse while Merce clumsily got down.

They walked out of the temple, and Mitsos mounted the horse first, and then pulled Merce on.

They rode late into the night until Merce was too tired to ride any further and they made camp.

Standing up he pulled his sword, and as Merce stood he placed the man behind him.

The high Priest after hearing the true nature of the attacks had just given the statue to Merce, saying it was no longer safe at the temple there in Bregia.

She chuckled to herself, thankful that Merced had given her the chance to let him know how she felt without her having to intrude on the conversation.

Pucara Merced slid something indistinct into an inside compartment of his own belt.

And she smiled at Merced in what could only be called a challenging way.

He and the two women waited in the small lobby for Merced, who arrived late, puffing slightly, tucking his net shirt into his shorts.

Occasionally Merced would lean over and hesitantly whisper something to her and she would giggle.

When Lumpjaw did not elaborate, a puzzled Merced turned to Sam for explanation.

Cora glanced around, relieved to find that Merced was nowhere in sight.

They could have requisitioned a deep-diving submersible to search the three-thousand-meter level, where the sea floor evened off, but she and Merced agreed they were as likely to find something near the surface as in the abyss.

Mataroreva ate with an unusual single-mindedness, letting Rachael and Merced carry the conversation.

Was Merced trying to make the girl feel comfortable with them by providing her with a chance to display some knowledge?