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Mercado is the Spanish word for a public market or any kind of market. It may refer to:

Usage examples of "mercado".

Nor did the fact that Mrs Mercado, to whom he was addressing most of his conversation, was far too busy watching me to do more than make perfunctory replies.

Then he sat down at the other end of the table, and Mr Mercado sat down in the vacant place by Mrs Leidner.

Mrs Mercado showed me some of the apparatus and some copper ornaments that were being treated, and also some bones coated with wax.

Mrs Mercado stayed for a minute or two, then, turning abruptly, she went out.

And according to Mrs Mercado her first husband had died about fifteen years ago.

Afterwards Dr Leidner and Mr Mercado cleaned some pottery, pouring a solution of hydrochloric acid over it.

Mr Mercado was sitting in a corner, his head was laid down on his arms and I fancied he was asleep.

Lavigny is known all over the world as an epigraphist and Mercado has worked for years in a well-known museum in New York.

That leaves us Father Lavigny, Mr Mercado, Mrs Mercado, David Emmott, Carl Reiter, Miss Johnson and Nurse Leatheran.

Nurse Leatheran, Miss Johnson, Mrs Mercado, Mr Mercado, Mr Reiter, Mr Emmott and Father Lavigny.

Miss Johnson and Mrs Mercado were there already, and after a few minutes Mr Mercado, Mr Reiter and Bill Coleman joined us.

Mrs Leidner had left that unlocked and Mrs Mercado had been alone in the house one day pottering about, she might easily have found them and read them.

Mrs Mercado had watched me and there had been that curious feeling as though something might snap any minute.

Mr and Mrs Mercado, who were both of them clearly in a state of great agitation and unrest.

Nurse Leatheran had told me of the angry glances she had seen Mrs Mercado direct at Mrs Leidner.