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n. (context slang English) A mercenary.


Merc may refer to:

  • Mandatory employment-related costs, in Canada these are CPP, EI, and WC
  • Merc Clothing, classic British clothing brand
  • Merc (MUD), a text-based online game software platform
  • Mobile Emission Reduction Credit (MERC), used in pollution reduction
  • Middle East Rally Championship
  • Merc Lapidus, a character in British/American sitcom Episodes (TV series)
  • Magnus Eliason Recreation Centre, an inner-city rec centre in Winnipeg, Canada, locally and affectionately referred to as "The Merc" (pronounced 'merk')

Merc as an abbreviation:

  • Chicago Mercantile Exchange, or the building where it operates, the Chicago Mercantile Exchange Center
  • Mercantile National Bank Building, a building in Downtown Dallas
  • Mercedes-Benz, a motor manufacturer and its products
  • Mercenary, a soldier for hire
  • Mercury automobile
  • Mineral Exploration Research Centre, a geological research centre at Laurentian University
  • San Jose Mercury News, a newspaper
  • Sir Peter Blake Marine Education and Recreation Centre, an outdoor leisure complex in New Zealand
  • Maharashtra Electricity Regulatory Commission, is Electricity regulatory commission in Maharashtra, India.
Merc (MUD)

Merc is a MUD engine derived from Copper, which in turn was based on DikuMUD. First released in March 1991, DikuMUD served as the basis for many later MUDs.

In his book Designing Virtual Worlds, Richard Bartle (co-creator of the original MUD) mentioned that "several major codebases (standalone MUD program suites) were created from the basic DikuMUD original, the main ones being Circle, Silly, and Merc. Merc spawned ROM (Rivers of MUD) and Envy, among others, and these in turn had their own spinoffs."

Merc was created by Michael Chastain ("Furey"), Michael Quan ("Kahn"), and Mitchell Tse ("Hatchet") at the University of California, Berkeley and first released on December 18, 1992. Within months other mudders picked up the codebase and began to modify it for their own MUDs. Later in 1993, the Merc authors, going by the name MERC Industries, released version 2 and minor releases. MERC Industries dissolved on October 13, 1993 and the final Merc release was version 2.2 on November 24, 1993.

The "stock" Merc 2.2 release contains 47 areas (with the city of Midgaard serving as the starting location), four classes (cleric, mage, thief, and warrior), and 35 mortal player levels.

Merc-derived MUDs now form the largest branch in the Diku family. Several other highly influential MUDs are directly derived from Merc 2, including:

  • EnvyMUD
  • GodWars
  • ROM

Merc MUDs must abide by the Merc license in addition to the Diku license since it is a derived work. Medievia, a Merc1-derived MUD, has been the source of much controversy for allegedly not conforming to the Diku license since it does not attribute the Diku authors in its title screen and its commercially exploitation of the game.

Merc (role-playing game)

Merc is a role-playing game published by Fantasy Games Unlimited in 1981.

Usage examples of "merc".

Since most mercs consider conscience a sign of weakness and efforts at consolation to be in poor taste, all his bod brothers were avoiding him.

Grudgingly Parral had housed Sten and his mercenaries in one of those mansions, a sprawling marble monstrosity the mercs were happily turning into a cross between a barracks and a bordello.

What if the mercs just run off and leave us to the untender mercies of the ISC?

It was found on the course the mercs told us to check, right where the ship should have been.

The other is with the mercs, for carrying the passengers they assigned her, the officers of the other ships they interned temporarily.

Add three minutes to the time the mercs had already spent in Slime Zone and what you got was torpor, fading rapidly into death.

The mercs and their hostage would be either facedown on the concrete, having succumbed to the lethal effects of the agrobacteria, or they would be visible, easy targets running up the tunnel ahead.

There's no way they could bring off the sort of things the mercs done.

I may notve run a Council House barely truebut I dont guess its a lot different from a company of mercs.

Among mercs, the Lady Renaeka was notorious for her parsimony, a hardfistedness which didn't seem to extend to her dresses—the pounced green silk that made her stand out from the soberly dressed Councilors like a peacock among ravens must have cost seventy gold pieces, several times what one of the dyers in her employ would have made in his life.

Most mercs got along, as Pritchard did, with muscle-powered come-alongs for their hold baggage.

And while he'd learned as a boy to stand on his hands, and even walk on them, the mercs kipped up and planched into handstands on horizontal and parallel bars.