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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Mer or MER may refer to:

Mer (software distribution)

Mer is a free and open-source software distribution, targeted at hardware vendors to serve as a middleware for Linux kernel-based mobile-oriented operating systems. It is a fork of MeeGo.

Usage examples of "mer".

So with the lingo of the Kroo-boys of Africa, the pigeon English of the Far East, and the beche de mer of the westerly portion of the South Seas.

It was the first white men who ventured through Melanesia after the early explorers, who developed beche de mer English--men such as the beche de mer fishermen, the sandalwood traders, the pearl hunters, and the labour recruiters.

Also, from the fact that out of the need the lingo arose, beche de mer English is a splendid argument for the Esperanto enthusiasts.

Thus, fella, in beche de mer, means all that piecee does and quite a bit more, and is used continually in every possible connection.

Doubtlessly the first dim white adventurer whimsically called a native woman Mary, and of similar birth must have been many other words in beche de mer.

Imagine the predicament of the Germans on the plantations of Bougainville Island, who are compelled to learn beche de mer English in order to handle the native labourers.

BUL MER 367 Buna, 264 Bungo Suido, 464, 537-8 BUNKER HILL, 290, 3I4, 335, 339, 554 Burgenland, 380 Burke, Capt.

BUL MER 367 Buna, 264 Bungo Suido, 464, 537-8 BUNKER HILL, 290, 314, 335, 339, 554 Burgenland, 380 Burke, Capt.

Et il se mit a fumer tranquillement sa pipe en ecume de mer, sur laquelle une femme nue etait sculptee voluptueusement.

That sharp nose smelled gossip, and she would not rest until the ferreted out every bit of information possible about Cory and Meri and then did her best to make that information known throughout Gylles and the neighboring county.

For twelve bears he had been thinking about her, and now that hef d met mer again, she did not exist.

A little time later Zhena Trelu excused herself with a yawn and went upstairs to her bedroom, waving aside an offer of an escort from Kem and Meri.

Redden Alt Mer had adjusted their course at once on being informed, and now Mephitic lay directly ahead, a green jewel shining brightly in the midday sun.

Alt Mer spun the wheel that guided the rudders off the parse tubes and fed power down the radian draws to the crystals in steadily increasing increments.

Alt Mer hooded the diapson crystals in response, slowing the power fed by the radian draws, giving the ship over to the wind.