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Meo (mobile phone company)

MEO - Serviços de Comunicações e Multimédia SA (formerly known as TMN), headquartered in Lisbon, is Portugal's first mobile communications company, both chronologically and in market share.

Meo (ethnic group)

Meo (pronounced May-o & Mev) (also called Mewati) is a Muslim community from North-Western India, particularly in and around Mewat that includes Mewat district of Haryana and parts of adjacent Alwar and Bharatpur districts in Rajasthan. Meos speak Mewati, a language of the Indo-Aryan language family.

MEO (Portugal)

MEO is a mobile and fixed telecommunications service and brand from Portugal Telecom, managed by MEO - Serviços de Comunicações e Multimédia. The service was piloted in Lisbon in 2006 and was later extended to Porto and Castelo Branco.

MEO (disambiguation)

MEO may refer to:

  • Medium Earth orbit
  • Marco Enríquez-Ominami, Chilean politician
  • MEO (Portugal), telecommunications service provided by Portugal Telecom

Méo is a town in the far west of Ivory Coast, near the border with Liberia. It is a sub-prefecture of Toulépleu Department in Cavally Region, Montagnes District.

Méo was a commune until March 2012, when it became one of 1126 communes nationwide that were abolished.

Usage examples of "meo".

Xan Meo looked at the women, or more particularly the girls, the young girls.

Xan Meo was on his way to realising that, after a while, marriage is a sibling relationship marked by occasional, and rather regrettable, episodes of incest.

On the street Meo stopped looking at the girls, and the girls, naturally, went on not looking at him.

Billie Meo walked through Casualty with such fascination that the scored lino strained to feel the weight of her tread.

For her next encounter with the Intensivist, Russia Meo wore the most expensive clothes in her possession.

Russia Meo was of course an educated, indeed a distinguished woman, and he had never expected to be able to radiate downwards at her, like a Saturn.

As he stirred for the third or fourth time that morning, Xan Meo saw his wife, sitting, waiting, on the bedside chair.

And, minutes later, with urgent speed, and accompanied by choric howls of electrified distress, Xan Meo went to hospital.

It was the boys, the two sons, who lost, and it was to them that Xan Meo now raised his glass.

Tender-yeared Billie Meo walked through Casualty with such fascination that the scored lino strained to feel the weight of her tread.

Mick Meo, was a prosperous East End gangster who served numerous jail terms for armed robbery, theft, fraud, tax-evasion, extortion with menaces, and affray.

And in his youth Meo was convicted of a litany of minor offences, including Actual Bodily Harm.

The groan he suddenly uttered rose steadily in pitch, and a passerby, pausing to listen, might have thought that Xan Meo was about to throw up.

After a couple of days on his own, batching it in the basement down the road, Xan Meo slowly realised something.

But she had more in mind for Xan Meo than mere seduction and the graphic disabusing of his wife.