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Ailim said, knowing it was futile, that Menzie would yammer at her during the entire drive.

Backbone stiff, Aunt Menzie marched away, trailing the men in her wake.

Ailim frowned, trying to determine how dangerous the fetish and Menzie could be.

It seems GrandMistrys Menzie has kept Brant talkingscolding him, no doubt.

Then she realized it was just a reminder of the evil amulet Menzie wore.

As she scrambled to her feet, she searched her memory for counter-spells but gave up, knowing the spell enveloping Menzie was too devious for an easy answer.

Bucus Elder had been encouraging Menzie to be a spendthrift for years, no wonder the Family lacked gilt.

Hugo Menzies, chairman of the Anthropology Department, dressed elegantly and with less than the usual degree of academic rumpledness, entered the room.

It was only Hugo Menzies, chairman of the Anthropology Department and her immediate boss.

Despite her difficulties with the script and the French language, she found herself becoming absorbed in the story Menzies had briefly touched on in the tomb the day before.

Wicherly, with various additions by Kelly and Menzies, and the end result was good.

Much as she liked Menzies, much as she appreciated this break in the monotony, she needed to rest.

She stared at Menzies, unable to wrap her mind around what he was saying.

As she lay paralyzed, Margo saw Menzies turn and hasten from the room, heard his faint yelling for a nurse.

As soon as he left, she would call Menzies and suggest he order Wicherly home for the day.