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Crossword clues for mentored

  1. Under the control of a mentor v

  2. (en-past of: mentor)

Usage examples of "mentored".

As a former security chief himself, Chekov had mentored Orsini throughout the shakedown cruise.

Polly had been mentored thoroughly at home, at boarding school, and now at this fine women's college.

A proctor was a person who supervised students, mentored them, who maintained order, stability.

Somehow, he found being mentored by these older, wiser, more experienced men as comforting as it was instructive.

Her clever and inventive mind had been her only guide as she mentored herself, and so inured to secrecy was she that no one, not even Lady Giyan, was aware of the full extent of her knowledge and abilities.

Rather, Ben thought of young Toby, the unmotivated teenager whom he’d mentored and galvanized, whose potential he’d helped unleash.