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Usage examples of "mentis".

Call it penetralia mentis, which was a Latin term for the soul, and would do as good as any for a name.

There were varieties of penetralia mentis just as there were varieties of germs, some harmless, some beneficial, and some pretty bad.

Anyway, there were penetralia mentis that were good, or at least nothing to worry about.

He had fixed it up so the penetralia mentis awful, the one he had chosen for research, could manifest itself without needing a body to do so.

Morand was afraid, horribly afraid, that the penetralia mentis awful had escaped and was rampant.

Because penetralia mentis awfuls in human beings had always been restrained and tempered by the fact that the human being had some other penetralia mentis who were good, and they fought the bad one.

We want this thing solved, the murderers caught, and the straight of this penetralia mentis, as Morand called his evils, learned.

Gibble the notion that there was really a penetralia mentis, as Morand called it, loose and raising cain.

He hired Dan Adams to put on a show of having seen a penetralia mentis in the radar scope.

Quomodo legimus factum precibus beati patris Gregorii Neocaesareae Ponti Antistitis, uiri mentis et virtutibus eximii, ut mons in terra tantum loco cederet, quantum incolae ciuitatis opus habebant.

Pluribus enim erat mentis desiderium mori priusquam ad propria reverterentur, (Glaber, l.

You'll find I'm not nearly so susceptible to coercion when I'm compos mentis.

How can you do or say anything calling for an apology when you are legally non compos mentis?

Possibly because of my healing discourse, possibly because we'd pulled up at the Astor House, she suddenly snapped her head erect, white as a sheet but compos mentis, and began to behave normally, but mute.

For the moment, he was compos mentis, with no more holes in his memory than the average one-hundred-and-ninety-four-year-old, but the integrity of his personality had grown perilously brittle.