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Usage examples of "menthe".

Watch out for him, and pour me some more creme de menthe, there's a good fellow.

The green of the creme de menthe was a shocking contrast to the red gash of her lips, but it matched her eyes.

I almost made a joke about creme de menthe frappes, but a black guy in a white jacket had materialized, a silver tray in hand.

His liquor cabinet sat empty but for the uncapped bottle of creme de menthe.

She leaned over to her bed-table and sorted through the mess, coming up with a tumbler with something sticky and green in the bottom: absinthe or creme de menthe.

One night Ghost had mused aloud that to the bats, the moths' blood must taste like creme de menthe.

His eyes were that peculiar Ballantyne green, like creme de menthe in a crystal glass, and although he wore his hair short, it was thick and wavy, bleached to honey-gold by the sun.

Whipley had been discovered dead, apparently from prussic acid poisoning, after drinking an after-dinner glass of creme de menthe.