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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ the menswear department at Macy's
▪ A leading authority on menswear, he is still, at 82, a keen tennis player.
▪ At the heart of nearly every menswear collection is some power uniform.
▪ But the clothier credited with reinventing menswear in the 1980s faces arguably the most daunting challenge of his career.
▪ One of the most difficult challenges in menswear is making the clothes look interesting and exciting without turning them into costume.
▪ Oxfam is the thrifty man's chain-store, and the branch at 202b Kensington High Street is its menswear flagship.
▪ She'd been in the menswear department of Bloomingdales, looking for a sweater for Marlin.

n. men's clothing, particularly in a mercantile context.

Menswear (band)

Menswear (sometimes written "[email protected]") are a Britpop band formed in October 1994 from Camden in London. They released a number of singles and an album, Nuisance on the short-lived London Records subsidiary Laurel. They recorded a second album which was released in Japan only and broke up in 1998. Menswear, made up of a new line-up in addition to frontman Dean, played their first show in 15 years in August 2013.

Usage examples of "menswear".

He excused himself and stood up, saying he would be back in a few minutes, then disappeared into the arcade of souvenir and menswear shops that led to the elevators.

He looks down at himself and sees his fine new Grand River Menswear clothes are gone.

Craig Meyers, who operated a menswear factory, said with an acerbic smile.

For one thing, the clothes he was wearing were so new they still smelled of a menswear shop.

The same closet held a black dress with a modified seventeenth-century ruff of superb white lace, a suit of gray menswear woolen piped in scarlet, a flowered linen suit, various knee-length pants, and blouses.

Apparently the deal was that one of the bettors that bet with Sorkin through Fackelmann was a guy Gately and Fackelmann know only as Eighties Bill, an impeccably groomed guy that wore red suspenders under snazzy Zegna-brand menswear and tortoiseshell specs and Docksiders, an old-fashioned corporate take-overer and asset-plunderer, maybe fifty, with an Exchange Place office and a souvenir FREE MILKEN bumper sticker on his Beamer it was a night of many highballs and much papoosing, and Gately had to keep flicking the top of P.

Hands slap at his jacketspecially bought at Grand River Menswear for this auspicious occasionbut slip off.

On one side was a dealer of mobile telephones, on the other a boutique selling fine menswear that no man would wear.