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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
menstrual period
▪ Five days after the end of the last menstrual period.
▪ Not a menstrual period in the proper sense.
▪ The danger time for development of tubal complications with gonorrhoea is the menstrual period.
▪ When arranging your next smear, do not make an appointment during your menstrual period. 4.
menstrual period

alt. An event of a woman's discharging of menstrual flow of blood and cells. n. An event of a woman's discharging of menstrual flow of blood and cells.

Usage examples of "menstrual period".

Hargensen, are you aware that your daughter and about ten of her peers threw sanitary napkins at a girl who was having her first menstrual period?

Add in the fact that she was having her menstrual period, and the situation was not good.

If it occurred during the winter, the young woman stayed alone in an area set aside at the rear of the cave but was still required to spend one menstrual period alone in spring.

Although long past her change of life by that point, she told herself it was simply one final menstrual period.

Charlton explained to the Cantab, and to any man who happened to be near, that women are particularly open to seduction in the week just preceding the onset of their menstrual period.

The material components are a drop of blood from the target's last menstrual period (or an ounce of her blood, from anywhere, that has been mixed with dust and dried in a silver chalice) and the priest's holy symbol.

Persia has not had a menstrual period in a year, still she's fearful that one of her men friends will see, will smell her, will re coil in disgust.