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Menken may refer to:

  • Adah Isaacs Menken (1835–1868), American actress, painter and poet
  • Alan Menken (born 1949), American musical theatre and film composer and pianist
  • Carol Menken-Schaudt (born 1957), former American basketball player and 1984 Olympic gold medallist
  • Helen Menken (1901–1966), American actress
  • Marie Menken (1909–1970), American experimental filmmaker and socialite
  • Shepard Menken (1921–1999), American voice actor and character actor
  • Solomon Stanwood Menken (1870–1954), attorney in the United States, founder of the National Security League
  • Yaakov Menken (born 1965), Orthodox Rabbi and early pioneer in the field of Internet-based Orthodox Jewish outreach