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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Menippe can refer to:

  • Menippe (Μενίππη) in Greek mythology:
    • Menippe, daughter of Orion, see Menippe and Metioche
    • Menippe, one of the Nereids
    • Menippe, one of the Amazons
    • Menippe, daughter of Peneus
  • 188 Menippe, an asteroid
  • Menippe (genus), a genus of crab
Menippe (genus)

Menippe is a genus of true crabs. One of the best known species is the Florida stone crab. Most of the species of this genus are found in the Atlantic Ocean.

Usage examples of "menippe".

The Corona were fabled to be Menippe and Metioche, two daughters of Orion, who sacrificed themselves at the suggestion of an oracle, to protect Boeotia, their native country, from the ravages of a pestilence: it being the belief of idolatrous nations that an angry god could be propitiated by human sacrifices, and that the death of the innocent might atone for the sins of the guilty.