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n. (plural of menhir English)

Usage examples of "menhirs".

A narrow but high portal marked the entrance, framed by four massive cut-stonesa broad threshold underfoot, two tapering, flanking menhirs, and a single lintel stone overhead.

Kamist Reloe, you would discover that these boulders are in fact menhirs, stones standing taller than any of us here.

Years ago in that section of the beach had once stood a long wooden pier that time and tide had reduced to a broken row of ruined pilings, barnacled, algae-furred, jutting haphazardly above the swell like ancient menhirs in a rolling field.

The structures seemed isolated: menhirs erected on a plain once green, now the peculiar lichenous shade of scrubby desert, very much like the earliest television colour pictures of the Moon.

It was a trick of the spectral light, a mirage of the twining mists which wreathed those great menhirs, a visual and mental distortion conjured of distance and dreams.