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Mengelberg is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Augustin Mengelberg (1710–1763), abbot of Kloster Heisterbach
  • Egidius Mengelberg (1770–1849), German portrayer
  • Friedrich Wilhelm Mengelberg, (1837–1919), German-Dutch sculptor, grandson of Egidius Mengelberg
  • Heinrich Otto Mengelberg (1841–1891), German sculptor, brother of Friedrich Wilhelm Mengelberg
  • Karel Mengelberg (1902–1984), Dutch composer and music writer, nephew von Willem Mengelberg
  • Käthe Bauer-Mengelberg (1894–1968), German sociologist, sister of Rudolf Mengelberg
  • Misha Mengelberg (* 1935), Dutch jazz pianist and composer, son of Karel Mengelberg
  • Otto Mengelberg (1818–1890), German portrait and historical painter, son of Egidius Mengelberg
  • Otto Maria Maximiliaan Mengelberg (1868–1934), Dutch sculptor and stained-glass artist, son of Friedrich Wilhelm Mengelberg
  • Rudolf Mengelberg (1892–1959), Dutch composer, musicologist and chief executive of the Concertgebouw Orchestra, nephew of Willem Mengelberg
  • Willem Mengelberg (1871–1951), a Dutch conductor of the Concertgebouw Orchestra, son of Friedrich Wilhelm Mengelberg