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Mendoza (name)

Mendoza is a Basque surname, also occurring as a place name.

The name Mendoza means "cold mountain", derived from the Basque words mendi ( mountain) and (h)otz (cold) + definite article '-a' (Mendoza being mendi+(h)otza). The original Basque form with an affricate sibilant (/ts/, Basque spelling /tz/) evolved in Spanish to the current form.

Originally the noble family line bearing the surname was based in the castle of the same name, not far from Vitoria-Gasteiz, Basque Country, where it still stands out. However, one of the family branches comes from Laudio, 50 km away to the northwest from Vitoria-Gasteiz. The family got involved in the medieval bloody War of the Clans. Not only that, the house of Mendoza set up close ties with Castile since the High Middle Ages, with its members participating in their civil wars and the Castilian expansion south. They got wider renown after their involvement in the conquest of America after 1492.

In Erandio, a baserri exists with the same name. Its original name "mendotza" developed to "mendontze" in the 1890s, "mendoche" in the 1920s, "mendotxe" in the 1980s to the restored original of "mendotza" being the current.

Mendoza (spider)

Mendoza is a spider genus of the Salticidae family (jumping spiders).


Mendoza may refer to:

Usage examples of "mendoza".

Mouse stared at the Iceman and tried to reconcile what she saw with her memory of Carlos Mendoza.

Padre Mendoza horse races, and a bullfight, in which Diego himself made several passes with the cape before the professional torero entered the ring.

Upon another occasion Father Mendoza fell into an ambuscade, from which he might have escaped had not his horse sunk in a miry stream.

Mendoza, the wealthiest man in Angustias and one of the wealthiest on the whole island of Puerto Rico, though he was a year or two younger than Gonzalo.

Hernandez, one of two lawyers working in Angustias, had sold his holdings to Mendoza a few days earlier.

I might have given it a try anyway, but beside me Mendoza was hyperventilating, so I just shook my head and focused on my quarry.

But before proceeding to extremities, Montoya sent out Fathers Mendoza and Domenecchi with some of the principal inhabitants of the reduction to parley with the Mamelucos, who, under their celebrated leader Antonio Raposo, were encamped outside the place.

Mendoza, in fact, forced to file away an unanswered question-as he had six months ago in the Brooks case-felt very much the way an overnice housewife would feel, forced to leave dinner dishes in the sink overnight.

February, Captain Mendoza personally led a band of his rurales, hardened men accustomed to shoot without asking questions, into the village of Temchic, intending to arrest Frijoles.

Stan Mendoza and Scotty Flye, the youngest and strongest, dragged the travoises first, them.

Mendoza and Dutch Sam were commissioned to attend to Berks, while Belcher and Jack Harrison did the same for Boy Jim.

In this round and the two which followed he showed a swiftness and accuracy which old ringsiders declared that Mendoza in his prime had never surpassed.

The New Incas, a nationalist movement led by Peruvian and Bolivian Indians, had taken Mendoza and were advancing rapidly on Buenos Aires.

The would-be assassin was a Bolivian painter named Benjamin Mendoza who allegedly practiced black magic and witchcraft.

He flew in from London on TAROM Airlines two days ago, checked into the Intercontinental under the name of de Mendoza.