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n. (plural of mendicant English)

Usage examples of "mendicants".

Yes, all the homosexuals and the celibates and the Mendicants are part of it.

The High Lodge of the Jarb Mendicants preferred the season, the fading sun of autumn, the needling of leaves, the plaint of water.

The Mendicants moved abroad to draw into their pores each scant ray of the slowing sun, drug pipes hanging cold in their lax hands, for a time unpossessed by oracular visions.

Medoor would never understand why anyone would dry jarb root skins and smoke them as the Mendicants did-visions or no visions-when one could bury them in the coals in their skins and eat them, sweet and satisfying as nothing else edible could ever be.

And Chiles Medman, the governor general of the Jarb Mendicants, was there—supporting whom?

The Jarb Mendicants were tolerated by the Chancery, even used by the Chancery from time to time, but they could not be considered a part of the hierarchy.

The wildest of the Jarb House Mendicants come from the most devout homes.

Moreover, those who come out as Mendicants can see the future of reality as well as the present.

To the east, not far, a party of Jarb Mendicants, their distinctive round tents identifiable even at this distance, surrounded themselves in a haze of smoke.

When his scouts returned to say that a vast multitude of crusaders and Noor and even Mendicants were gathered there, Sliffisunda delayed no longer.

The Jarb Mendicants left their encampment and began to move onto the battlefield, their pipes smoking, the haze around them thickening.

Slowly, slowly, as the Mendicants covered the field, the fighting stopped.

Among the dead and dying moved the Mendicants, hazing the valley with smoke.

There were beggars and thieves, sky-clad mendicants and palmers, jugglers and contortionists, mountebanks and magicians, and a thousand other wonders, so many that as he walked along amongst the throng Yama soon stopped noticing any but the most outrageous, for else he would have gone mad with amazement.

There were hawkers and sky-clad mendicants, parties of palmers, priests, officials hurrying along in groups of two or three, scribes, musicians, tumblers, whores and mountebanks.