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Mendes (, gen.: Μένδητος), the Greek name of the Ancient Egyptian city of Djedet, also known in Ancient Egypt as Per-Banebdjedet ("The Domain of the Ram Lord of Djedet") and Anpet, is known today as Tell El-Ruba .

The city is located in the eastern Nile delta and was the capital of the 16th Lower Egyptian nome of Kha, until it was replaced by Thmuis in Greco- Roman Egypt. The two cities are only several hundred meters apart. During the 29th dynasty, Mendes was also the capital of Ancient Egypt, lying on the Mendesian branch of the Nile (now silted up), about 35 km east of al-Mansurah.

Mendes (name)

Mendes is a common Portuguese surname, originally a patronymic, meaning Son of Mendo or Son of Mem.

Mendes (disambiguation)

Mendes is the Greek name for the ancient Egyptian city of Djedet.

Mendes may also refer to:

  • Cândido Mendes, city in Maranhão, Brazil
  • Mendes (name), a Portuguese surname
  • Mendes, Rio de Janeiro, a municipality in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil