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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Mender \Mend"er\, n. One who mends or repairs.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

late 14c., agent noun from mend (v.).


n. A person who mends.


n. a traveling repairman who mends broken things (such as metal household utensils) [syn: tinker, tinkerer]

Usage examples of "mender".

She turned to enter the room, and nearly collided with Master Mender Destarion, who was on his way out.

Ask the steward to accommodate his wishes, and perhaps have a mender look in on him.

When the mender left her side, King Zachary stepped in to catch her elbow.

Once he was safely abed and snoring, Karigan sought out the mender, Ben.

The mender gazed down at Lil as if in an attitude of prayer while he waited.

The mender licked his lips, and had considerable trouble bringing himself to utter his next words.

The mender was too stunned to move and could only stare at the puddle on the floor.

His personal mender advocated he leave his library chamber and soak up the sun outside, but there was too much to do.

Laundress and Old Mender and Soaker and Chamber-pot Emptier and all the other slaves.

Maggie recognized Old Mender, smiling and cackling, and Soaker, not looking frightened anymore, and Chamber-pot Emptier .

But, the mender, Zyne, had been so persistent in her efforts to be included that Laurelyanne had finally given in, after securing a promise that Zyne would limit her Readings to the physical.

Then there came down the valley--as he does yearly--the itinerant mender of umbrellas, for whom my housekeeper stores up her repairs.

When dried, the flowers made a heady tea, mender of grief, balm against pain in a mortal soul.

The scholars, the menders, and the homegrown soldiers were the closest the mainland had come to consensus leadership.

She must call in the menders sent most recently along the route Streln had traveled.