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Ménaka is a rural commune and town in Ménaka Cercle, Gao Region, in eastern Mali. It is the local government seat and largest town in the Cercle, and one of four rural communes. Ménaka is in the midst of the Saharan desert, along wadi Ezgeuret, and ancient dry river valley of the Iullemmeden Basin.

Ménaka Cercle is a rural, isolated, and largely desert area, crisscrossed by seasonal wadis, part of the Azawagh region. The area includes the rocky outcrops of the Ader Douchi hills, in the midst of which Ménaka town sits. Its highest point, Mount Abourak, lies across dunes around 150 km to the north.

Most of the small population are nomadic Tuareg tribal populations, as well as nomadic minorities, including the Wodaabe Fula and sedentary Songhai people. The area is a traditional center of the Kel Dinnik Tuareg confederation — as well as the smaller Iwellemeden Kel Kummer, with the town of Andéramboukane, near the Nigerien border, being one historic center for their transhumance communities. Andéramboukane is 100 km south on the main road, which runs through Ménaka, west 210 km to Ansongo on the Niger River, and a further 95 km north to the regional capital of Gao. The town is served by Ménaka Airport.


Meñaka is a town and municipality located in the province of Biscay, in the autonomous community of Basque Country, northern Spain.

Menaka (actress)

Menaka (born 27 August 1963) is an Indian film actress and producer. She is a native of Nagercoil, Tamil Nadu. In her short film career 1980–86, Menaka acted in 116 films, mostly in Malayalam. She did a few films in Tamil, Kannada and Telugu. She has worked with many leading actors of the time, including Prem Nazir, Soman and Sukumaran,and opposite top actors of the 1980s like Shankar and Nedumudi Venu. She has acted opposite current superstars Mammootty, Mohanlal and Rajinikanth. After 19 years, she made a comeback through the teleserial Kaliveedu directed by Purusothaman and produced by A. Radhakrishnan. Again after six years, she made a comeback on the big screen through Fazil's 2011 film Living Together.

Menaka (disambiguation)

Menaka may refer to:

  • Ménaka, a town in Mali
  • Menaka Cercle, is an administrative subdivision of Mali
  • Menaka Airport, an airport in Mali
  • Meñaka, a town in Northern Spain
  • Menaka (actress), an Indian film actress
  • Maneka Gandhi, an Indian politician
  • Menaka (Lila Sokhney), one of the first non-courtesan Kathak dancers, in 1920s
  • Menaka (film), a 1935 Indian film
Menaka (film)

Menaka is a 1935 Indian Tamil-language drama film directed by P. K. Rajasandow and produced by Sri Shanmuganandha Talkie Company. The film stars T. K. Shanmugam and T. K. Bhagavathi in the lead roles with N. S. Krishnan (in his cinematic debut), S. V. Sahasranamam, K. R. Ramasami and T. K. Muthusamy playing supporting roles. The film was about a loving couple who get separated because of the evil designs of some envious persons and their re-union after much anguish and anxiety. The film was the adaptation of a stage play which itself was adapted from novel written by Vaduvoor K.Duraisamy Iyengar. The film's screenplay and dialogues were written by Kandhasamy Mudaliar. The film was released on April 6, 1935 became successful at the box-office and created a trendsetter for social themed films in Tamil.