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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Menacingly \Men"a*cing*ly\, adv. In a threatening manner.


adv. In a menacing manner.


adv. in a menacing manner; "the voice at the other end of the line dropped menacingly" [syn: threateningly]

Usage examples of "menacingly".

Below, the luminous aquamarine seawater rose menacingly up through the trunk.

Snavely checked himself abruptly, for the light in the small, green eyes of Thomas Cadge was baleful, and his square jaw protruded menacingly.

It was probably sheer irrational instinct which made us dim our single torch--tempted no longer by the decadent and sinister sculptures that leered menacingly from the oppressive walls--and which softened our progress to a cautious tiptoeing and crawling over the increasingly littered floor and heaps of debris.

Minerva asked, trying to keep her pug dog from sniffing at my pug dog, who was growling menacingly.

France fell in with the views of Russia, thwarted the Turkish government, bore herself affrontfully and dictatorially to the sultan, and peevishly and even menacingly towards England, by which nation the rights of Turkey were from the first consistently espoused.

The odor of sodium hypochlorite was strong near the sink, but Pierre braved it to stand menacingly over Blake.

Gaucho said menacingly, prodding Signor Mantissa in the ribs with the corkscrew.

And instantly, like a mechanism of steel and springs balanced on a hair trigger, Sandel was in and out and in again, landing a left to the eyes, a right to the ribs, ducking a counter, dancing lightly away and dancing menacingly back again.

Allanon turned Spitter directly toward them, blue fire sparking on the fingers of one hand as it raised menacingly.

The early colonists, surrounded by packs of Woos bobbing, weaving, murmuring, and staring at the newcomers and gesticulating menacingly with the talons on the ends of their arms, had killed them by the thousands, thinking they were some form of predator that took a while to make up its mind to attack.

Shelek Pasha motioned back the Abyssinian slaves who had sprung forward menacingly from behind a screen.

Instead, he stared menacingly at the Fitzhugh, as if he would like to accuse her of murdering the priest and hiding the body.

He hefted his rifle, not menacingly, Gandhi thought, but to emphasize what he was saying.

Jafit, barely able to suppress his nauseating, triumphant leer, clicked his fingers and five hara emerged fully from the cover of the trees, to stand menacingly beside him and around me.

Sara and as I jerked my head around, I saw the hobbies charging us, rocking forward on their rear rockers and their front rockers lifted menacingly.