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a. Having a high tendency to melt.


Melty may refer to:

  • Melty, a character in Disney's Lilo & Stitch franchise
  • Melty, a character in Sega's role-playing video game Shining Hearts
  • Melty Blood, a Japanese visual novel and fighting game

Usage examples of "melty".

But I do remember, so clearly, sitting alone in that kitchen, mixing the melty warmth of those things with a glass of cold milk and pretending our lives were safe and secure.

And then onto Ronnie, whose unfamiliar, softer skin had a comfortably warm and melty feel to it.

A sort of twisty, melty, squishy feeling that made her want to swoon like a heroine in one of those ridiculous romance novels.

A strange melty tenderness in the area of her heart made it possible for her to ignore this latest breach of etiquette.

What was it about women throughout the ages that they went all soft and melty over kisses?

He would like to plant a few on Angela and see if she went all soft and melty for him.

Marcy felt unable to move for more reasons than her precarious towel, the purring cat she held, for even more than the melty feeling.

It had been a long time since Shelley had been with the sort of man who could get her all soft and melty with nothing more than a thoughtful touch.