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Mellet is village in Les Bons Villers, a Walloon municipality located in the Belgian province of Hainaut.

Category:Populated places in Hainaut (province) Category:Populated places in Belgium

Usage examples of "mellet".

Captain Mellet and Lance-Major Wace had been left in command of the troops.

Captain Mellet, who impressed me as a stolid, dependable sort, not fast in the attack, but equally slow to give way.

I asked Captain Mellet to put out his soldiers on either side of the road, and kept response elements of my cavalry ready in case they were hit.

I had horsemen out in front, and, just back of them, the men Captain Mellet said were his fleetest of foot.

But I had not time to explain it to Captain Mellet nor to train his troops in the method.

I remembered Captain Mellet had said the resident-general was a seer, and rejoiced that Tenedos evidently still lived.

Domina Herstal and the Lancers, and Captain Mellet did the same for his men.

Captain Mellet was unmarried, and smiled inside myself at the craggy bachelor trying to be nice to the child.

Captain Mellet shouted, and the foot soldiers spread out, across the narrows.