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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Melilot \Mel"i*lot\ (-l[o^]t), n. [F. m['e]lilot, L. melilotus, fr. Gr. ?, ?, a kind of clover containing honey; me`li honey + ? lotus.] (Bot.) Any species of Melilotus, a genus of leguminous herbs having a vanillalike odor; sweet clover; hart's clover. The blue melilot ( Melilotus c[ae]rulea) is used in Switzerland to give color and flavor to sapsago cheese.


n. A fragrant plant of the genus ''Melilotus'', often having small yellow or white flowers.


n. erect annual or biennial plant grown extensively especially for hay and soil improvement [syn: melilotus, sweet clover]

Usage examples of "melilot".

She learned that Osiris had, through mistake, had connection with her sister Nephte, which she discovered by a crown of leaves of the melilot, which he had left behind him.

The paranatellons of that sign are, the crown of Ariadne or Proserpine, made of leaves of the melilot, Procyon and Canis Major, one star of which was called the Star of Isis, while Sirius himself was honored in Egypt under the name of Anubis.

So they asked their mother to teach them a spell that should rob Melilot of her charms, and make them useless in the eyes of men.

Then he locked himself to the back of the Plough, crying to it and caressing its speed with all names under heaven, and beseeching it in the name of Melilot to break free.

And when thou art come to Melilot set thy share beneath the roots of her feet, and take her up to me out of the ground.

Then he thought of Melilot and her beauty laid fast under a charm, and drawing a full breath he laid his lips containing the ring, the Sweetener, to the lips of the Worm.

Binnesman reached into his robes, pulled out some melilot, and blew it onto the wound.

Coltsfoot and fenugreek, sage and wormwood, betony, fennel, hock and melilot were all said to be efficacious, at times.

Continental physicians still employ the same made of melilot, wax, resin, and olive oil.

The former is also called Bokhara clover, White Melilot and Tree clover.

Miln consisted of rolled oats and barley coated with dried molasses, often with alfalfa or melilot thrown into the mix.

All species of Melilot, when in flower, have a peculiar sweet odour, which by drying be comes stronger and more agreeable, somewhat like that of the Tonka bean, this similarity being accounted for by the fact that they both contain the same chemical principle, Coumarin, which is also present in new-mown hay and woodruff, which have the identical fragrance.