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Melhania is a flowering plant genus. Traditionally included in the family Sterculiaceae, it is included in the expanded Malvaceae in the APG and most subsequent systematics.

The following species are recognised by The Plant List:

  • Melhania acuminata Mast.
  • Melhania albiflora (Hiern) Exell & Mendonça
  • Melhania ambovombeensis Arènes
  • Melhania andrahomanensis Arènes
  • Melhania angustifolia K. Schum.
  • Melhania annua Thulin
  • Melhania apiculata Baker f.
  • Melhania burchellii DC.
  • Melhania carrissoi Exell & Mendonça
  • Melhania corchoriflora Baill.
  • Melhania damarana Harv.
  • Melhania decaryana Arènes
  • Melhania denhamii R.Br.
  • Melhania didyma Eckl. & Zeyh.
  • Melhania fiherenanensis Arènes
  • Melhania forbesii Planch. ex Mast.
  • Melhania fruticosa Arènes
  • Melhania hamiltoniana Wall.
  • Melhania humbertii Arènes
  • Melhania integra Verd.
  • Melhania itampoloensis (Hochr.) Arènes
  • Melhania mananarensis Arènes
  • Melhania menafe Arènes
  • Melhania minutissima Hochr.
  • Melhania orbiculari-dentata Arènes
  • Melhania ovata Spreng.
  • Melhania parviflora Chiov.
  • Melhania perrieri Hochr.
  • Melhania phillipsiae Baker f.
  • Melhania poissonii Arènes
  • Melhania polygama Verd.
  • Melhania polyneura K. Schum.
  • Melhania prostrata DC.
  • Melhania randii Baker f.
  • Melhania rehmannii Szyszył.
  • Melhania rotundata Mast.
  • Melhania spathulata Arènes
  • Melhania steudneri Schweinf.
  • Melhania suluensis Gerstner
  • Melhania transvaalensis Szyszył.
  • Melhania tulearensis Arènes
  • Melhania velutina Forssk.
  • Melhania virescens K. Schum.
  • Melhania vohipalensis Arènes

Melhania decanthera (Cav.) DC and M. laurifolia Bojer are now in Dombeya (as D. decanthera and D. laurifolia).