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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Meles may refer to:

  • Meles (genus), the genus badgers
  • Meles of Lydia, a king of Lydia
  • Meles Zenawi, prime minister of Ethiopia
  • River Meles, which flowed through ancient Smyrna
  • Meles, a minor character from Pausanias' Description of Greece.
Meles (genus)

Meles is a genus of badgers containing three living species, the Japanese badger (Meles anakuma), Asian badger (Meles leucurus), and European badger (Meles meles). In an older categorization, they were seen as a single species with three subspecies (Meles meles anakuma, Meles meles leucurus and Meles meles meles). There are also several extinct members of the genus.

Usage examples of "meles".

Turbo, Meles Agrippa, and Castoras are all historical figures, but their participation in the respective initiations is invented.

Palmyra, where the Arab merchant, Meles Agrippa, entertained us for three weeks in the lap of splendid and barbaric luxury.

In Palmyra, Meles Agrippa had arranged some parties for us in the desert, but we had not gone far enough to see lions.

The ship was sailing south again, tacking into the mild southwestern wind, heading back toward the broad opening where Candor Chasma opened into the Valles Marineris at the place called Meles Chasma.