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Mel, Mels or MEL may refer to:

Mel (given name)

Mel can be the abbreviated version of the given names Melvyn, Melvin, Melanie, Melina, Melinda, Melissa, Melody, Melitta, Melchior or Melville. It is also a standalone name from the Gaelic Maol, meaning bald; this was used to refer to tonsured men to mean servant, as in "Maol-Iosa" - Servant of Jesus.

Mel (film)

Mel is a 1998 film directed by Joey Travolta, starring Ernest Borgnine, Julie Hagerty and Greg Evigan.

Mel (album)

Mel is a studio album by Brazilian singer Maria Bethânia, released in 1979.

Mel (surname)

Mel is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Mele Mel (born Melvin Glover in 1961), hip-hop musician and songwriter
  • Pepe Mel (born 1963), Spanish retired footballer and current manager of Real Betis
  • Ashantha de Mel (born 1959), Sri Lankan former cricketer
  • Henry De Mel (1877–1936), Ceylonese industrialist and politician
  • Lakdasa De Mel, first Bishop of Kurunegala, Sri Lanka, and son of Henry De Mel
  • Ronnie de Mel, Sri Lankan politician and civil servant
  • Royce de Mel, first Sri Lankan commander of the Sri Lanka Navy
  • Ruby de Mel (died 2004), Sri Lankan actress
  • Samantha de Mel (born 1965), Sri Lankan-born Italian former cricketer
  • Rinaldo del Mel (probably 1554 – c. 1598), Franco-Flemish composer

Usage examples of "mel".

Over the next few days, Ronnie Bucca and Mel Hazel treated the Refai investigation like a federal case.

Mel was the eschatological counselor of the Cozzano clan, drafter of wills, executor of estates, godfather of children, and if the whole world turned to decadence and strife one day and civilization collapsed, and Dad were trapped on a hilltop surrounded by the heathen, Mel would shoot himself in the head so that Dad could use his corpse as a rampart.

She glanced around, at Paitor and the captain, at Dyk and Khat and Mel.

Seeli only nodded and pointed at the empty chair between Mel and Paitor, which seat Khat took with a fair amount of trepidation.

Mel walked onto the executive mezzanine which ran the length of the main terminal building.

Few among the eighty thousand or so air travelers who thronged the terminal daily ever glanced up at the executive mezzanine, and fewer still were aware of Mel tonight, high above them, looking down.

Still amused, Mel turned away from the mezzanine rail and headed for the staff elevator.

Mel spoke again, shortly, and then Siron for some while, a dignified pleading, mixed with some anger and much grief, until Mel cut her short with one flat sentence.

Mel heard it she might be hurt, and she gave the humourist a second, frowning look.

After four childless years of marriage Ruth and Mel have become procreative partisans in the clash between will and womb.

Mel gave a little gasp and looked quickly down at her left foot, small, neat, sandled in soft leather.

Her comment was brief, but scatological and she glared at Mel as Jack took the opportunity to retreat, tugging at his tie as he disappeared inside.

As Mel raised her eyes to heaven and breathed in the warm scent of the tropical night folding itself about her, alive with the stridulating of a million unseen tiny insects singing in the darkness, she did at last manage a smile.

Mel Cooper had just spoken with, William Ashberry, the director of the foundation and a senior executive at Sanford Bank and Trust, which owned the nonprofit organization.

Then me, Denster, and Elana spend the hours before dawn filling mail packages with audiocassettes, paper printouts, disks, and Mel seals.