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n. (plural of megawatt English)

Usage examples of "megawatts".

So the giant dispersers were thrown into operation, and nearly a thousand megawatts began to radiate into the night, coagulating the water droplets and clearing great swaths through the banks of mist.

Its outer screen flashed as it was overloaded by myriads of megawatts of visible, incandescent energy.

I looked down at Mary, still turning out megawatts of smile at me, and nearly choked because my heart had jumped into my mouth.

A few billion megawatts of GRASER power might conceivably blow up the Sun, force it to go nova.

The Independent System Operator, the California agency that oversees the transmission of electricity, has access to about 45,000 megawatts of power--the amount needed for summertime peak demand.