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The Megapod Reserve itself had an area of nearly 2,000,000 hectares and extended from the rain-for­ested Pacific fjords to the eastern slopes of the Coast Range.

Assorted alarm systems around the Megapod Reserve perim­eter were designed to betray unauthorized persons afoot or using ground transport who might disturb the rare creatures for whom the Reserve had been dedicated.

I would drape the more brightly colored bundles with my old camouflage tarps, on the off chance that personnel of the Megapod Reserve would fly over.

When I had arranged everything neatly inside the tent, I emerged and prowled slowly along the edge of the clearing farthest from Megapod Creek, looking for another trail that I re­membered was somewhere in the vicinity.

She had gone a few meters to the outflow of Megapod Creek, where there was a clear dark pool un-contaminated by the floury glacial silt, and was kneeling there filling one of our collapsible 19-liter water containers.

Both were far to the south, behind Mount Jacobsen, and heading northwest toward Megapod Reserve HQ at Bella Coola.

The best I could find were two fifteen-meter whitebark pines a stone's throw uphill of the cabin and close to little Megapod Creek.

And the spacecraft was even a lineal descendant of the antique Beaver floatplane that had carried him, his mother, and Uncle Rogi into the Megapod Reserve!

The glacier that fed it was congealing with winter cold, and soon our own little Megapod Creek and all the other cascades rushing into the basin would dwindle away, and we would have to take our water from the lake.

The strongly coer­cive members of the family who might be able to penetrate the Megapod Reserve tracelessly and take her and the baby home and hide them would by that time be 4000 lightyears away on Concilium Orb, attending the inauguration.

The first was the Ape Creek corridor, which trended eastward into the deep interior of the Megapod Reserve.

As I drew a bead on the Megapod, I completely forgot all the high-minded musings that had occupied me when I first came to Ape Lake.

Jack's mother Teresa, rest her poor soul, had needed a sunny place to recuperate after hid­ing out in the snowbound Megapod Reserve of British Colum­bia, and the island afforded a perfect refuge for the three of them.