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Meerut is a city in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. It is an ancient city with settlements dating back to the Indus Valley civilisation having been found in and around the area. The city lies northeast of the national capital New Delhi, and northwest of the state capital Lucknow.

Meerut is the second largest city in the National Capital region, and as of 2011 the 33rd most populous urban agglomeration and the 26th most populous city in India. It ranked 292 in 2006 and is projected to rank 242 in 2020 in the list of largest cities and urban areas in the world. The municipal area (as of 2001) is with the cantonment covering . The city is one of the largest producers of sports goods, and the largest producer of musical instruments in India. The city is also an education hub in western Uttar Pradesh.

Meerut (Lok Sabha constituency)

Meerut-Hapur Lok Sabha constituency is one of the 80 Lok Sabha (parliamentary) constituencies in Uttar Pradesh state in northern India. This constituency covers parts of Meerut and Hapur districts.

Meerut (Assembly constituency)

Meerut Vidhan Sabha constituency is a part of Meerut district, Uttar Pradesh, India.

Usage examples of "meerut".

The seizure and trial of a group of British and Indian agitators at Meerut, and the extravagantly heavy sentences passed upon them in 1933, showed both the gravity of these fears and the unintelligent clumsiness with which the situation was being met.

May 1857, that a telegram arrived at the fort informing the Resident and Brigadier General Sir James Cameron that Indian army sepoys had revolted in Meerut, killed their officers and British civilians in the town and were marching on Delhi to rally behind the Moghul Emperor, Bahadur Shah II, against the British.

Such cosmopolitan cities as Karlovac, Meerut, Antofagasta, Delft, Bratislava, Zwolk, Nizhny, Bulawayo and Linz.

He had duties to Meerut, not less than duties of vengeance and of sudden deliverance for Delhi.

The Koonths of Benares, Phunkeahs, Natehmurrahs, and Buahoas of Moradabad, and also such gipsy tribes as the Sainsees, Kunjars and Hubbossahs, in the neighbourhood of Meerut, do not despise it.

Umballah, under General Barnard, and that General Hewett, at Meerut, should order another brigade to advance from that station, the two forces to form a junction, and storm or lay siege to Delhi.

While the incidents just related passed in and around Meerut and Delhi, Scinde and the Punjaub were greatly agitated.

Tension between British officers and their Sepoy troops had built for months, culminating on May 10, a mere eleven weeks ago, when the Sepoys had mutinied in Meerut, perpetrating atrocities on the white populace.

In Meerut, after some disaffection concerned with a new issue of greased cartridges, all three sepoy regiments turned on the Europeans, cut down their officers, and murdered white women and children in what appears to have been an orgy of slaughter and arson.

The Meerut outbreak had clearly been serious enough, and the fact that Delhi had fallen to the rebellious sepoy regiments did not augur well, but .

He and Colonel Roach, commanding officer of the Oudh Irregular Rifles, who had held similar views concerning his sepoys, had both been proved wrong when news of the outbreak in Meerut and the capture of Delhi had reached the garrison, borne by fakirs and itinerant sadhus, holy men who had entered the native lines in secret to spread the tidings among their men.

Stations like Panikhat here in Bengal and Meerut near Delhi saw the first explosions.

I heard that incendiary fires were springing up all over Meerut and that mutiny had broken out there.

Major, and all went pleasantly, for Meerut was not as yet, nor had Allan come to the confusion of counsel.

Inevitably the 7th Meerut Division got the meagrest show in such meagre dispatches as the Censors allowed him to send home.