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Elise die Sonne mehr und mehr sinken, und noch immer war die einsame Klippe im Meere nicht zu erblicken.

Nor is the earths shadow any corporall thing, or thicke substance, that it can cloud the Moones brightnesse, or take it away from our sight, but it is a meere privation of the Suns light, by reason of the interposition of the earths opacous body.

He thereto meeting said, My dearest Dame,Farre be it from your thought, and fro my will,To thinke that knighthood I so much should shame,As you to leaue, that haue me loued still,And chose in Faery court of meere goodwill,Where noblest knights were to be found on earth:The earth shall sooner leaue her kindly skillTo bring forth fruit, and make eternall derth,Then I leaue you, my liefe, yborne of heauenly berth.

For, (I beleeve) the most sober men, when they walk alone without care and employment of the mind, would be unwilling the vanity and Extravagance of their thoughts at that time should be publiquely seen: which is a confession, that Passions unguided, are for the most part meere Madnesse.