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n. The letter (l ar م) in the Arabic script.


Meem is the letter Mem (also known as Meem / Mim), the thirteenth letter of many Semitic language abjads, including Phoenician, Aramaic, Hebrew and Arabic

Meem may also refer to:

  • John Gaw Meem, an American architect (1894-1983)
  • Meem (bank), the retail banking arm of Gulf International Bank
  • The commonly used phonetic pronunciation of the abbreviation for the Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics building at Michigan Technological University
Meem (group)

Meem (in Arabic language م ) is a Lebanese LBTQ women group that was founded in August 2007 as the first ever lesbian organization established in the Arab World. The full name is مجموعة مؤازرة للمرأة المثليّة, pronounced /Majmou3at Mou'azara lil Mar’a al-Mithliya/ (translated as Support Group for Lesbian Women).

Membership has risen above 200.

The group was formed as an offshoot of Helem, the general GLBT organization started in 2002 in Lebanon, again the first-ever gay organization established in the Arab World.

Meem (bank)

Meem (meem م) is the retail banking arm of Gulf International Bank B.S.C. (GIB), offering retail banking services to Saudi customers. It is intended to target the technophile customer base by offering Sharia-compliant, non-traditional banking services licensed by the Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency.

Meem is a registered trademark and independent brand using online and mobile banking as the primary platforms of banking. Upon opening an account, all services can be carried out electronically. Meem has stores in Riyadh, Jeddah and Al Dhahran and provides services such as completing the account opening process, cash withdrawals, deposits and transfers, and account maintenance.

Meem was created after engaging with a large target customer base using various social media channels over three years, gaining insight into users' needs and preferences.

GIB is owned by the six GCC governments, with the Public Investment Fund of Saudi Arabia holding a majority stake (97.2 per cent). The Bank is chaired by H.E. Jammaz bin Abdullah Al-Suhaim.

Usage examples of "meem".

Brim grumped, settling back miserably into a puddle of cold meem that had collected on his seat.

He flew his first combat mission as replacement for a ZBL-4 Helmsman who had fractured her leg the previous evening at the local officer's mess--clear indication of front-line meem consumption.

Tissuard and I had found a private spot at the end of the counter and were halfway through a first round of meems when abruptly she switched the subject from her new bender.

In fact, she believed in “memes,” which she pronounced meems and defined as ideas that arose spontaneously among “informed people” and spread mind-to-mind among the populace, like a mental virus, creating “new ways of thinking.

By the time he purchased a bottle of meem at Grimsby's pantry, he could see that most of the interminable prewedding rituals had already been broadcast and the main event was about to begin.

Trailed by a dusty-looking case of rare old Logish Meem, the little party arrived at the gravity pool only moments before Ursis stepped from the brow, resplendent in full Sodeskayan military regalia: high black boots, an olive-green greatcoat, and a billed service cap, all trimmed in crimson.