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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ He was fourth in the 400 individual medley in 4.57.21 and he recorded 58.20 in the 100 freestyle.
▪ Dolan is expected to win the gold medal in the 400 individual medley and contend for gold in two other events.
▪ Susan is in nine events 100m and 200m backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly, freestyle and 200m individual medley.
▪ He finished fourth in his best event, the 200-meter individual medley, at the trials in March.
▪ They are in Susan Rolph, girls' 12-14 years 200m individual medley.
▪ Nick Sultman, boys' 1416 years 200m individual medley, and Craig Eldred, boys' open 400m freestyle.
▪ At the top of the list would probably be the fact that Greg Burgess swims the 200 individual medley.
▪ a medley of popular Christmas carols
▪ a delicately prepared medley of vegetables
▪ Dennis told me to cheer up and threatened to sing me a medley.
▪ He finished fourth in his best event, the 200-meter individual medley, at the trials in March.
▪ If you want a taste of Torme as the consummate show stopper, Rhino offers you his classic, 15-minute Gershwin medley.
▪ Let me present a medley of these edifying yarns.
▪ Sometimes they pipe out a medley, filling the woods with a cacophony of avian lechery.
▪ The suspect has little opportunity for demonstrating his or her innocence against any one of a medley of permissive street powers.
▪ This passes a medley of buildings before commencing a steady climb, fringed by trees, to Twisleton Hall, a farm.
▪ Unseen in all this great medley of hidden activity the verderers were riding.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Medley \Med"ley\, a.

  1. Mixed; of mixed material or color. [Obs.] ``A medl['e] coat.''

  2. Mingled; confused.


Medley \Med"ley\, n.; pl. Medleys. [OE. medlee, OF. mesl['e]e, medl['e]e, mell['e]e, F. m[^e]l['e]e. See Meddle, and cf. Mel['E]e, Mellay.]

  1. A mixture; a mingled and confused mass of ingredients, usually inharmonious; a jumble; a hodgepodge; -- often used contemptuously.

    This medley of philosophy and war.

    Love is a medley of endearments, jars, Suspicions, reconcilements, wars.
    --W. Walsh.

  2. The confusion of a hand to hand battle; a brisk, hand to hand engagement; a m[^e]l['e]e. [Obs.]

  3. (Mus.) A composition of passages detached from several different compositions; a potpourri.

    Note: Medley is usually applied to vocal, potpourri to instrumental, compositions.

  4. A cloth of mixed colors.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

c.1300, "hand-to-hand combat," from Old French medlee, variant of meslee (see meddle). Meaning "combination, mixture" is from mid-15c.; that of "musical combination consisting of diverse parts" is from 1620s.


n. (context now rare archaic English) combat, fighting; a battle. (from 14thc.) vb. (context music English) To combine, to form a medley.


n. a musical composition consisting of a series of songs or other musical pieces from various sources [syn: potpourri, pastiche]

Medley, FL -- U.S. town in Florida
Population (2000): 1098
Housing Units (2000): 387
Land area (2000): 3.777563 sq. miles (9.783842 sq. km)
Water area (2000): 0.520218 sq. miles (1.347358 sq. km)
Total area (2000): 4.297781 sq. miles (11.131200 sq. km)
FIPS code: 43900
Located within: Florida (FL), FIPS 12
Location: 25.858307 N, 80.339141 W
ZIP Codes (1990):
Note: some ZIP codes may be omitted esp. for suburbs.
Medley, FL

Medley or Medleys may refer to:

Medley (surname)

Medley is a surname found among English-speaking people.

Usage examples of "medley".

Whereas each track on the White Album is considered the work of an individual Beatle, Abbey Road has a deceptive unity created by making the whole of side two into a medley.

Ayla missed the chorus of marsh frogs, though the flutey trill of variegated toads was still a refrain in the aleatoric medley of night music.

The courtier checked over the ornate clasp holding together the medley of chatelettes: the scissors, the manicure set, bodkin, spoon, vinaigrette, needle-case, the looking-glass and spike-leaf strainer, the faulty timepiece, the workbox, the portrait and tilhals, the anlace, penknife, snuff-box, and pencil.

Making an appalling din and poisoning the air, this medley of heterogeneous vehicles surged past the half-asphyxiated Ave or thundered overhead on the crazy bridges between the massive artificial canyons of the buildings.

A marvelous bebop medley, consisting of wonderful renditions of jazz tunes in the style of Thelonious Monk, Bud Powell, Horace Silver, and Elmo Hope.

My horse, Black Bolly, well knew the meaning of that medley and did not need to be urged.

Each of them would join his own imagination, the tender membranes of his mucous surfaces, his groves of erectile tissue, to the wounds of this minor actress through the medium of his own motorcar, touching them as he drove in a medley of stylized postures.

As they returned, Galatea sang a strange song, plaintive and sweet as the medley of river and flower music.

Washed down from unknown jungles of Mesozoic tree ferns and fungi, and forests of Tertiary cycads, fan palms, and primitive angiosperms, this osseous medley contained representatives of more Cretaceous, Eocene, and other animal species than the greatest paleontologist could have counted or classified in a year.

Then Martimor rushed upon the churls, shouting for joy, and there was a great medley of breaking chairs and tables and cursing and smiting, and with his sword he gave horrible strokes.

We had sunga weird medley of Bach, German pop tunes, and Christmas carolsto keep awake the night a blizzard trapped us in the abandoned church.

A medley of foot passengers, carriages and palanquins went and came, and innumerable Chinese, oppressed by fatigue, carried back and forth heavy burdens from Tchin to Tchan, and from Tchan to Tchin, and Kouang said: It is the destruction of the canal which has given labor to these poor people.

This book spill off the page in all directions, kaleidescope of vistas, medley of tunes and street noises, farts and riot yipes and the slamming steel shutters of commerce, screams of pain and pathos and screams plain pathic, copulating cats and outraged squawk of the displaced bull head, prophetic mutterings of brujo in nutmeg trances, snapping necks and screaming mandrakes, sigh of orgasm, heroin silent as dawn in the thirsty cells, Radio Cairo screaming like a berserk tobacco auction, and flutes of Ramadan fanning the sick junky like a gentle lush worker in the grey subway dawn feeling with delicate fingers for the green folding crackle.

The King was pacing his cabinet - a simple room furnished with a medley of objects appertaining to study, to devotion, and to hunting.

As a matter of fact the ancient doctrine of the Divine Essences was far the sounder and more instructed, and must be accepted by all not caught in the delusions that beset humanity: it is easy also to identify what has been conveyed in these later times from the ancients with incongruous novelties--how for example, where they must set up a contradictory doctrine, they introduce a medley of generation and destruction, how they cavil at the Universe, how they make the Soul blameable for the association with body, how they revile the Administrator of this All, how they ascribe to the Creator, identified with the Soul, the character and experiences appropriate to partial be beings.