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Mediocalcar is a genus of flowering plants from the orchid family, Orchidaceae. It is native to New Guinea, eastern Indonesia, and the islands of the western Pacific.

  1. Mediocalcar agathodaemonis J.J.Sm.
  2. Mediocalcar arfakense J.J.Sm.
  3. Mediocalcar bifolium J.J.Sm.
  4. Mediocalcar brachygenium Schltr.
  5. Mediocalcar bulbophylloides J.J.Sm.
  6. Mediocalcar congestum Schuit.
  7. Mediocalcar crenulatum J.J.Sm.
  8. Mediocalcar decoratum Schuit.
  9. Mediocalcar geniculatum J.J.Sm.
  10. Mediocalcar papuanum R.S.Rogers
  11. Mediocalcar paradoxum (Kraenzl.) Schltr.
  12. Mediocalcar pygmaeum Schltr.
  13. Mediocalcar stevenscoodei P.Royen
  14. Mediocalcar subteres Schuit.
  15. Mediocalcar umboiense Schuit.
  16. Mediocalcar uniflorum Schltr.
  17. Mediocalcar versteegii J.J.Sm.