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Medin or MEDIN may refer to

  • Medin (name)
  • the Marine Environmental Data and Information Network
  • Medin, a district of Damascus: possibly this is Al-Midan?
  • Medin, a district of Kaluga
  • Medin, an amyloidogenic fragment derived from lactadherin
  • MedinTux, a free healthcare software
Medin (name)

Medin may refer to the following people:

Given name
  • Medin Zhega, Albanian football striker
  • Douglas Medin (born 1944), American psychologist
  • Gastone Medin (1905–1973), Italian art director
  • Karl Oskar Medin (1847–1927), Swedish pediatrician
  • Mykola Medin (born 1972), Ukrainian football coach and a former player

Usage examples of "medin".

They even kept their hair in the same short hairdo, per medin tight little brown curls, and always went to the beauty shop on the same day.