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medieval studies

n. (translation only)

Medieval studies

Medieval studies is the academic interdisciplinary study of the Middle Ages.

Usage examples of "medieval studies".

Fifteen minutes later I had told her that I loved her and, rather more coherently than I had ever expected, I told her about the notion of Sophia (with which she was acquainted from her medieval studies) and that she was Sophia to me.

Lewis will be drawing a large audience for his series on medieval studies.

It was strange: An international call to Professor Iain Montcalm, New College, Oxford, Medieval Studies Department.

Brant was listed and briefly described as a professor of medieval studies, but she was absent from the 1987 handbook.

Locks, also, were not unknown in the fourteenth century, Jim knew from his medieval studies.

Susan Shwartz and Judith Tarr, both with doctorates in western medieval studies.

Her doctorate was in the field of medieval studies, on which subject she had written several books that managed to combine impeccable scholarship and exquisite style in an almost unprecedented manner.

To Gil it was weirdly familiar, a confusing mirror of her medieval studies, a bizarre reminder of the Void that she had crossed to come here, as perhaps others had also done.

Joe, who was doing simultaneous degrees in atomic physics, medieval studies, entomology, philosophy, hotel/motel management, linguistics, and electrical engineering at Yale, knew a thing or two about spaceships.

Daniel Chain--a junior at State, working on his certificate in Medieval Studies.

Clare had been accepted into an elite medieval studies graduate program at Princeton and would be leaving in July to meet some of the other anointed scholars there and prepare for the coming years.