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MECS is the Multi-Element Code System, a markup system developed by the Wittgenstein Archives at the University of Bergen. It is very similar to SGML and XML except that it allows elements to overlap.

MECS supports limited overlap, in that a given type of element (for example a quotation), may overlap other types, but no element may overlap another of the same type.

MECS has been influential in the theory of non-hierarchical markup systems, and is discussed in many articles by Michael Sperberg-McQueen and Claus Huitfeldt, among others.

Other systems for representing overlapping markup include the Layered Markup and Annotation Language, CLIX, JITTS, EARMARK and features of the Text Encoding Initiative and the Open Scripture Information Standard.

Usage examples of "mecs".

The other four planets in the stellar system also had Mecs gathered about them, though in smaller numbers.

When I looked up, all five Mecs were strewn across the ground, lifeless.

A deoxygenating drug used by the Zi Karas, Arcadians, and Mecs for survival on this planet.

Mecser, after the fall of the Dual Monarchy and the disbanding of the Army, reported to duty at the counter revolutionary nationalist government formed at Szeged and participated in the reorganization of the national army.

The Microbotics mecs were still pretty crude, non-DNC types—the body suit was evidence enough of that.

Corfe indicated the canvas tool bag containing the additional mecs and other items to be sent in from outside, which he had placed inside the rear door.