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n. (context Scotland English) (alternative form of make halfpenny English)

Meck (musician)

Meck is the DJ and recording alias of Craig Dimech, the former head of free2air recordings and now Frenetic Music.

Known initially for the re-working of Leo Sayer's " Thunder In My Heart Again", he has gone on to forge a partnership with Italian vocalist, producer and DJ Dino Lenny.


Meck may refer to:

  • Model Engineering College-Kochi, a premier engineering institute in India
  • Meck (musician)
  • Meck Island
  • von Meck, a surname (and list of people with that name)
  • Meck, a character in Berlin Alexanderplatz

Usage examples of "meck".

His body will rest in the Van Meck tomb, and do you know what they mean to do, they mean to bury the violin with it.

According to Goodnaught, a financial panic would be caused by a space-born microbe that had recently gotten loose from a recycling facility on Neuman Declo, a corporate owned research planetoid in the Meck System.

Bethlarii border have been alerted to such a possibility, Meck especially.

Canard Meck glanced at one of the women, took in the imbecilic smile, then returned her attention to the merchant.