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MEC may refer to:

MEC (media agency)

MEC is the fifth largest media agency network in the world, with domestic and international clients such as Vodafone, Netflix, Paramount Pictures, Marriott, Chanel, GE, Visa, Xerox, Colgate-Palmolive, Chevron, Beiersdorf, Tiffany and Michelin. MEC has global billings of over $27 billion (source: RECMA). The global network is led from regional headquarters in London, New York, Singapore, Dubai and Miami employing 5,000 people worldwide. MEC is a founding partner in GroupM, the WPP Group media investment management operation. Its core business is media buying and media planning but as the media landscape has become more complex it has diversified its capabilities which now encompass all forms of digital media (social, mobile, search, programmatic), analytics, insight, content and sponsorship.

MEC (basketball)

Maison d'Enfants Club or simply MEC is a professional basketball club based in the district of Aïn Chock, Casablanca, Morocco.

Usage examples of "mec".

Many components were hybrids of Mec and Federation technology, an impossible coincidence.

The numbers of Mec ships there had grown to over five hundred, and more were arriving every second.

The Mec fired on her, but her shields easily deflected it, and it took only moments to overpower its computer as well.

He was a thirty-something Mec, average height, with eerie, narrow white eyes.

Like every Mec, EenLi possessed opalescent skin that glowed different colors with different emotions.

Then, growling low in his throat, he shoved Mris-ste, propelling the hatless Mec backward.

The big, bad Mec went down like a de-pressurized hovercraft, his hat rolling off his head like tumbleweed.

The salopard mec hid in the attic while we were traipsing around the house.

The other four planets in the stellar system also had Mecs gathered about them, though in smaller numbers.

When I looked up, all five Mecs were strewn across the ground, lifeless.

A deoxygenating drug used by the Zi Karas, Arcadians, and Mecs for survival on this planet.

The Microbotics mecs were still pretty crude, non-DNC types—the body suit was evidence enough of that.

Corfe indicated the canvas tool bag containing the additional mecs and other items to be sent in from outside, which he had placed inside the rear door.