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a. (obsolete form of mere English) (16th-17th c.) n. 1 (obsolete form of mere English) (14th-18th c.) 2 (obsolete form of mare English) (14th-16th c.)


Meare is a village and civil parish north west of Glastonbury on the Somerset Levels, in the Mendip district of Somerset, England. The parish includes the village of Westhay.

Usage examples of "meare".

They had also been off Puget Sound, but had not gone inland, and brought Vancouver word that Don Quadra, the Spanish emissary, sent to restore to England the fort from which Meares, the trader, had been ousted, had arrived at Nootka on the other side of the island, and was waiting.

Kendrick and Ingraham from Boston, Vancouver from England, Meares from East India, Quadra from New Spain, private ventures outfitted by Astor from New York.

David Kennedy parked his Range Rover on the beach at Cape Meares seventy-five miles west of Portland, unable for the moment to drive.

It was a place on the beach between the towns of Cape Meares and Oceanside listed under the name East View, which was a Marvin Saunders company.

The Indians, here, knew English words enough to tell Gray that Nootka lay farther east, and that a Captain Meares was there with two vessels.

September 19 was observed as a holiday, Meares and Douglas, the two English captains, entertaining Gray and his officers.

Then Meares had gone south past Flattery, seeking in vain for the River of the West.

Without a doubt, if the river existed at all, it was down behind that Cape Disappointment where Meares had failed to go in, and Heceta been driven back.

In England and India, private adventurers, Portlock, Dixon, Meares, Barclay, were fitting out ships for Pacific trade.

Ostensibly, his mission was to receive back at Nootka all the lands which the Spaniards had taken from Meares, the trader.

This was the Olympus Range, first noticed by Meares, and to-day seen for miles out at sea like a ridge of opalescent domes suspended in mid-heaven.

He, too, grieved for Simon and for Meares, but he blamed neither her nor Meares.

Timothy Meares on his final horrifying mission, and Honor realized he was right.

He reached for the azimuth compass, carefully took the bearings of both ships, and said, 'Mr Meares: to Jason, steer south twenty-seven east.

He had heard the usual orders, the hoarse cry of Meares the master gunner and his mate, and he knew that a salute was to be fired.