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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Meak \Meak\, n. [Cf. AS. m[=e]ce sword, OS. m[=a]ki, Icel. m[ae]kir.] A hook with a long handle. [Obs.]


n. (context obsolete English) A hook with a long handle.

Usage examples of "meak".

But make it known to our men that any rumors concerning Jacoby and Sons should be shared with us.

He outlined his discussion with Masterson and his offer to Meaks and Meany.

Although fierce in appearence and given to meaking the most menacing growls, these were in fact loyal and intelligent mounts who, because of their two footedness, could go places that no horse ever could.

He sniffed loudly, bending forward as if to make sure de Loungville was the source of the offending odor.

The sign out front had been almost impossible to make out, being little more than a simple metal wing painted white, unlike the more boldly painted large ones marking more traditional trades.

But now he was alive, with gold in his belt, and a woman willing to make him feel handsome.

Coffee House was one of the places he wished to visit, and having a social call to make upon one of the solicitors who plied their business there was an eminently acceptable reason.

Krondor who like to make sure the daily commerce of the city goes undisturbed, if you see what I mean.

A shuttered lantern was uncovered and suddenly the girl could make out the faces of the men who surrounded her.

He had lost all fear years before, and it would take something a great deal more frightening than a pumped-up town bully to make Roo Avery know it again.

Roo knew that even if he hated the girl, he would marry her to make up for the wrong he had caused.

I have no idea what it is we are carrying, but the Prince of Krondor is sending it by fast freight - us - and we need to make haste.

In the murk of the unlit room the child was little more than a featureless, blanket-wrapped lump, and Roo could barely make out the little bump of her nose.

To offer a contract and not make delivery would be terribly damaging .

But it will take more gold than we have so far pledged to make this work for us.