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MDS or M.D.S. may refer to:

Companies and organizations
  • The Brazilian Ministry of Social Development
  • MDS Inc., a global health and life sciences company
  • MDS America, a global telecommunications company
  • Media Design School (New Zealand), a media industry tertiary training institution
  • Mennonite Disaster Service, a disaster relief volunteer group
  • Meridian Southern Railway
  • Microwave Data Systems, a wireless modem company
  • MDS Gateways, a telecommunications company based in Ireland
  • Mohawk Data Sciences Corporation, a computer company
  • Movement for Socialist Democracy (Mouvement pour la Démocratie Socialiste), a former political party in Burkina Faso
  • Movement of Socialist Democrats (Mouvement des Démocrates Socialistes), a political party in Tunisia
  • Material Data Sheet
  • Minimum Data Set, minimum required question set typically used in IT Service Management
  • .mds, a file extension associated with disk image descriptions
  • Mandriva Directory Server, an LDAP server
  • MIDI stream, a file format
  • Multi-Displacement System, a variable displacement technology from DaimlerChrysler
  • Minimum detectable signal, a measure of sensitivity
  • mds, the Mac OS X "metadata server" daemon supporting its Spotlight feature
  • Multilayer Director Switch, a storage area network component
  • Meta Data Services
  • Master Data Services, the Microsoft SQL Server solution for Master data management
  • Molybdenum disulfide
  • Myelodysplastic syndrome, a diverse collection of haematological conditions
  • Miller-Dieker syndrome, a neurological disorder
  • Minimum Data Set, a clinical data collection format and system used by Medicare and Medicaid in nursing homes
  • Master of Dental Surgery
  • Multidimensional scaling, a statistical technique often used in data visualisation
  • Marathon des Sables, an ultramarathon held in Morocco
  • Martingale difference sequence, a type of stochastic series in probability theory
  • Maximum distance separable code, a mathematical coding theory concept
  • Mission Design Series, a United States Department of Defense aerospace vehicle designation
  • MDs (TV series)
MDs (TV series)

MDs (Medical Doctors) is an American television medical drama that aired on ABC in 2002. It starred William Fichtner as Dr. Bruce Kellerman, Jane Lynch as Aileen Poole, and John Hannah as Dr. Robert Dalgety. The series only lasted one season, and though 11 episodes were filmed, only 8 were ever aired. The series was never released on DVD and it is very hard to find. The only known full length episodes of MDs can be found on YouTube. MDs was written and created by Gary Tieche.

Dr. Robert Dalgety, a dedicated and brilliant general surgeon, and Dr. Bruce Kellerman, head of cardiothoracic surgery, are two renegade surgeons working together in a megasized, megafrugal, aging HMO. With the help of Dr. Quinn Joyner and Dr. Maggie Yang, they buck the system any way they can in pursuit of the care patients need and deserve. On the opposing team are Shelly Pangborn, the new hospital administrator, and assistant hospital administrator, Frank Coones. Together with Nurse "Doctor" Poole, they are more concerned with the bottom line than patients' health.