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MDH may refer to:

  • Michael D. Higgins, ninth President of Ireland

In official codes:

  • Minimum Descent Height for aircraft landing
  • MDH, the IATA airport code and FAA location identifier for Southern Illinois Airport


  • Mälardalen University or Mälardalens högskola (MdH) in Sweden
  • The Million Dollar Hotel, an English movie. Several tracks in the movie's soundtrack are ascribed to "The MDH Band"
  • Milton District Hospital in Milton, Ontario, Canada

In science:

  • MDH, in enzymology, abbreviation for malate dehydrogenase
  • MDH is also an abbreviation for Methylenedioxyhydroxyamphetamine

In other uses:

  • Mahashian Di Hatti, an Indian spice manufacturing company, sells under MDH brand
  • multidimensional hierarchical toolkit
  • Homeopathic Medical Doctor, an alternative medical degree