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MDD may refer to:

  • Major depressive disorder, i.e. clinical depression
  • Mal de debarquement, "disembarkation sickness", a medical condition
  • Mate-Demate Device, a specialized crane used to piggyback the Space Shuttle onto an airplane
  • Medical Devices Directive, a Council of the European Union directive
  • Midland Airpark (IATA: MDD), a public use airport in Midland, Texas
  • , a prominent Turkish revolutionary framework, known natively as Millî Demokratik Devrim

  • Mine detection dog, used by the Mines Advisory Group
  • Ministry of Defence (Italy), known natively as Ministero della Difesa
  • Mirrored Drive Door, a case design for the Power Mac G4
  • Model-driven development, software development processes
  • Modern drug discovery, drug discovery techniques such as the hit to lead phase
  • My Darkest Days, a Canadian rock band