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McVay may refer to:

  • Bobby McVay, British broadcaster and musician, presenter of the breakfast show on Real Radio in South Wales
  • Charles B. McVay, Jr. (1868–1949), admiral in the United States Navy after World War I
  • Charles B. McVay III (1898–1968), the Commanding Officer of the USS Indianapolis (CA-35) when it was lost in action in 1945
  • Hugh McVay (1766–1851), the ninth Governor of the U.S. state of Alabama from July 17 to November 22, 1837
  • Jimmy McVay (born 1889), footballer
  • John McVay (born 1931), former American football coach
  • Kenneth McVay, OBC (born 1940), Canadian-American dual citizen and Internet activist against Holocaust denial
  • Kimo Wilder McVay (1927–2001), musician turned talent manager, who successfully promoted Hawaiian entertainment acts
  • Sean McVay (born 1986), American football coach
  • Swifty McVay (born 1974), American rapper and most notably, a member of Detroit rap group, D12
  • Thomas Wendell McVay, mayor of Lake Wales, Florida, USA between the years of 1953 and 1954