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McMug is an anthropomorphic pig cartoon character from Hong Kong featured in comic strips, TV shows, and films. McMug first appeared in 1988, as the central character of a comic strip printed in the Ming Pao weekly magazine. McMug is drawn by cartoonist Alice Mak (麥家碧), with stories written by Brian Tse (謝立文).

Although McMug comics have a somewhat childish style, they often address serious social issues, including death, poverty, and single-parent families, making it resonate with adult audiences as well as children. The plotlines are also known for covering local cultural festivals, and celebrities, reflecting the deep roots of Hong Kong culture.

McMug has become one of the most popular cartoon figures in Hong Kong, appearing in books, movies, TV programs, stationery, bedding and apparently everything else that fits. McMug's distant cousin, McDull, is also enjoying huge success.