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McCue is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Anne McCue, an Australian country singer
  • Clarrie McCue (1927 - 1992), former administrative head of the Australian Antarctic Territory
  • Duncan McCue, Canadian television reporter
  • Edward O. McCue, Jr., a member of the 1950 Virginia state senate.
  • Frances McCue, an award-winning poet and arts administrator.
  • Miss Jane McCue Sands, sponsor of the US Navy destroyer USS Sands (DD-243)
  • J. J. McCue, a former mayor of Boise, Idaho
  • James A. McCue, U.S. Navy, radio mechanic for whom Mount McCue is named
  • John McCue (1922 – 1999) an English football player.
  • John B. McCue, US politician
  • Mrs. Loretta B. McCue, sponsor of the US Navy minesweeper USS Sagacity (MSO-469)
  • Martin G. McCue (1875–1932), New York politician
  • Mike McCue, co-founder of Tellme Networks
  • Patrick McCue (1883 - 1962), an Australian dual-code rugby footballer
  • Paul McCue (1958 - ), a British military historian and writer.
  • Tommy McCue, an English rugby league footballer
  • Thomas F. McCue, a former Attorney General of North Dakota
  • Ruth McCue Bell, the maiden name of Ruth Graham

Fictional characters:

  • Father McCue, a minor fictional character in the television series The X-Files