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McCall, ID -- U.S. city in Idaho
Population (2000): 2084
Housing Units (2000): 2247
Land area (2000): 5.914216 sq. miles (15.317749 sq. km)
Water area (2000): 0.727752 sq. miles (1.884870 sq. km)
Total area (2000): 6.641968 sq. miles (17.202619 sq. km)
FIPS code: 48790
Located within: Idaho (ID), FIPS 16
Location: 44.910906 N, 116.103087 W
ZIP Codes (1990):
Note: some ZIP codes may be omitted esp. for suburbs.
McCall, ID

McCall is a Gaelic surname that can be of Irish or Scottish origin. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Alexander McCall Smith (born 1948), Scottish writer
  • Andy McCall (footballer born 1911), Scottish footballer and manager
  • Andy McCall (footballer born 1925), Scottish footballer, father of Stuart McCall
  • Archie McCall (1867–1936), Scottish footballer
  • Bruce McCall, Canadian author
  • C. W. McCall (born 1928), U.S. singer and songwriter born as William Dale Fries, Jr.
  • Carl McCall (born 1935), U.S. politician
  • Christina McCall (1935–2005), Canadian political writer
  • Davina McCall (born 1967), British television presenter
  • Duke Kimbrough McCall (born 1914), U.S. religious leader
  • Edward McCall (1790–1853), U.S. Navy officer
  • Fred R.G. McCall (1896–1949), Canadian aviator, WWI ace, businessman
  • George A. McCall (1802–1868), U.S. Army officer
  • Ian McCall (born 1965), Scottish footballer
  • Jack McCall (1850s–1877), U.S. outlaw
  • James McCall (1774–1856), New York politician
  • James McCall (footballer) (1865–1925), Scottish footballer
  • John E. McCall, judge and politician from Tennessee
  • John J. McCall (born 1972), Christian Singer/Tenor/Songwriter
  • John J. McCall, U.S. economist known for work in search theory
  • John T. McCall (1863–1950), New York politician
  • Oliver McCall (born 1965), U.S. boxer
  • P. J. McCall, songwriting pseudonym of Peter Dawson (bass-baritone)
  • Patrick Joseph McCall (1861–1919), Irish songwriter (also known as P. J. McCall)
  • Phil McCall (1925–2002), Scottish actor
  • Robert McCall (disambiguation) multiple people
  • Samuel W. McCall (1851–1923), U.S. politician
  • Steve McCall (born 1960), English footballer
  • Stuart McCall (born 1964), Scottish footballer
  • Ted McCall (1901–1975), Canadian journalist and comic strip writer
  • Thomas McCall (1834–1904), Scottish cartwright
  • Thomas E. McCall (1916–1965), American Medal of Honor recipient
  • Thomas J. McCall (1935–1981), Pennsylvania politician
  • Tom McCall (1913–1983), U.S. politician
  • William McCall (disambiguation), several people
  • Willie McCall (footballer born 1898), Scottish footballer
  • Willie McCall (footballer born 1920), Scottish footballer

Usage examples of "mccall".

At some time during their Camp McCall training, Special Forces trainees, two at a time, in the buddy system, accompanied by an instructor, fired the course three times.

Well, some were simple enough, but you couldn't exactly call them safe - as he found out when he and a friend known as Fingers McCall were walking out of a country bank early one morning, very early - about 3 a.

But while Aaron Matthews would have liked to meditate on Megan McCall and on what lay ahead for both of them he was instead growing increasingly anxious.

Longarm reminded himself that Cockeyed Jack McCall had been taken for a harmless blowhard till he'd really gone and gunned Wild Bill in the Number Ten Saloon.

McCall, a little hunted-looking man, the natural peculiarities of whose face were accentuated by a pair of glasses of semicircular shape, like half-moons with the horns turned up.

Sprawled over the leather seat was the Rube pommelling McCall with hearty good will.

I mean to say, you know, the old bird—old Brewster, you know—is considerably perturbed about the affair—hates the thought of being in a posish where he has either got to bite his old pal McCall in the neck or be bitten by him—and—well, and so forth, don't you know!

I mean to say, you know, the old bird--old Brewster, you know--is considerably perturbed about the affair--hates the thought of being in a posish where he has either got to bite his old pal McCall in the neck or be bitten by him--and--well, and so forth, don't you know!

You'll find this out soon enough, but I came here from the Fleet Basic course at McCall with the skeleton of the company, and Stewart came with me.