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The MBOAT (membrane bound O-acyl transferase) family of membrane proteins is a family of various acyltransferase enzymes. All family members contain multiple transmembrane domains and most carry two conserved residues which might be active-site residues, a conserved histidine (His) embedded in a hydrophobic stretch of residues and an asparagine (Asn) or histidine within a more hydrophilic region some 30-50 residues upstream.

MBOAT enzymes catalyze the transfer of an acyl group from acyl-coenzyme to one of several different substrates. The family is found from bacteria to eukaryotes, and the active region lies outside the membrane.

The family may be grouped into four categories, according to function:

  • Subgroup 1: enzymes involved in neutral lipid biosynthesis;
  • Subgroup 2: enzymes involved in protein/peptide acylation;
  • Subgroup 3: enzymes involved in phospholipid re-modelling.